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The vision of the Highways and Bridges department is to be a distinct solo section in the area of specialization in the field of precision engineering and producing well-prepared graduate, and to meet the requirements of society and renewable associated with rapid technological developments.


The mission of the Department of highways and bridges engineering is to produce graduates who possess technical competence in their chosen specialty area of civil engineering, integrity, and a commitment to the principles of professionalism, and enhance their practical skills that will prepare them to serve and contribute as innovators, professional engineers, and leaders in the region.


  • Prepare graduates who possess the technical competence in the field of specialization, which has been selected from engineering roads and bridges
  • Integrity and commitment to the principles of professional
  • Enhance their practical skills that will prepare them to serve the community
  • Leadership and management of engineering projects



Head of the Department

Dr. Mudhafer H. Selman

Civil Engineer

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