Council of Ministers Announcement for Universities and Institutes

2020-02-25 06:40:10


After the speech of  (Mr. Masror Barzani) - the KRG Prime Minister about his visit to Italy had ended, they discussed the importance of the visit especially while meeting the Vatican Pope.

However, starting Wednesday, all public and private schools and colleges will be shut down by government order until March 10, the start of the Newroz holiday that continues until March 23. Classes are set to resume on March 24, and the relevant ministries have been instructed to arrange makeup days to ensure the educational curriculum is covered, a statement on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) website said. Universities will also close down during a similar period but will restart classes again on Feb. 29.

Ministers also voted to suspend "unnecessary travel" within the Kurdistan Region and halt others entering from other parts of Iraq until further notice. Health authorities are charged with testing all tourists coming to the region for symptoms associated with the coronavirus.


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