DPU President Congratulated the Students on February 18th

2020-02-20 12:21:27


On the occasion of the students Introducing Day and the 67th year of the establishment of (Students & Youths Union Day) of Kurdistan and a PDK, Duhok Technical Institute Deanship organized a party for both morning and evening students. Moreover, the President of the DPU (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez) congratulated the students and showed his support for the university in general and the students in particular.

He added ''from the very beginning of the revolutions, students have shoulder to shoulder with Peshmergas taken part to protect their land faithfully. Their continuity on the 'weapon of science' resulted in today’s calm atmosphere. However, this has never been without sacrificing as thousands of our relatives and family members have martyred in order to gain the rights of the Kurdish nation''.

Finally, he said ''the DPU with its academic staff from different majors, researchers, and its efforts are the consequences of the uprisings. Also, the continuity of the employees, teachers, and the students in the study institutions belong to the efforts and sacrifices of both the Students’ Union and PDK Youths’ Organization members. This is why we are going to keep on this path to build a skillful student in the practical and theoretical fields so that they could serve the country and the community better''.

(Dr. Dhiya Mustafa)- Dean of Duhok Technical Institute gave the Students’ Committees' thanks to (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez) Presidents of the DPU University for his constant support for the students’ activities.

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