Tourism Management


To provide students with correct professional information that is needed in the field of Tourism, and make the students have an active role in the field of the tourism industry in an academic form. Moreover, the department is trying to enhance the management measurements of the touristic organizations.



Our vision is to establish an excellent center that offers a good training for the purpose of developing the human resources that are suitable for the owners of the touristic organizations.



  • The objectives of establishing this department are for the following points:
  • Preparing the needed human resources in a positive way as other resources to be able to fulfill the K.R.G plan of tourism for the Amedi district.
  • Assisting the touristic organizations by providing them with necessary information about their work. Moreover, offering training courses for the improving their field and tourism in general.
  • preparing human resources to be able to introduce the Kurdish cultural and folklore to the tourists.
  • Marketing the tourism sector by writing reports and research.


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