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 Surveying Department / Akre Technical Institute



            A surveyor is a professional person with the academic qualifications        

            and technical expertise to conduct one, or more, of the following activities:-

  •         To determined, measure and represent the land, three dimensional objects, point- filed and trajectories.
  •         To assemble and interpret land and geographically related information.
  •         To use that information for the planning and efficient administration of the land, the sea and any structure thereon.
  •         To conduct research into the above practices and to develop them.  


The vision of surveying is uses more advanced tools, equipment’s and techniques in land survey to achieve accurate results. 

  •         Description of the Graduate Task :

Make exact measurement and determine property boundaries. Provide data relevant to the shape, contour, location, elevation, dimension, or land features on.


The name and contact information of the head of department:

        * Hussein Abdulrahman Mohammad  

        * The Contact Information is:

        * Mobile: 00964  750 451 11 60


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