A Thesis on (Religious Symbols in Kurdish Modern Poem) Discussed

2020-01-11 01:31:02


The discussion of a doctoral degree of the student (Arshad Hitu) held on January 11, 2020, at the Language College-Salahadin University. After a-five-hour discussion, the DPU teacher (Arshad Hitu) was awarded a Very Good score on his thesis entitled (Religious Symbols in Kurdish Modern Poem)  

A writer and researcher since 1993, the in question Dr. published his first work in 2012. He was the establisher of Gazi magazine in Duhok and the editor of a literary magazine, too. Moreover, he did a lot of writing works in the past years.  It has been 11 years since he first started teaching at the DPU as a Kurdology subject teacher. 

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