Scientific Trip of Technical College of Petroleum and Minerals of Zakho

2019-12-12 12:43:54


Jurassic Formation Field Trip Petroleum Geology department at Technical College of Petroleum and Minerals-Zakho organized a field trip to Soran Area. The students review and recognize some of the most important sources of Rocks for Hydrocarbons in Kurdistan. They are also, examining closely stratigraphy contact among a number of formations such as; Sehkaniyan, Naokelekan, and Barsarin. The field trip includes also visiting to barzewa and barsarin village- Rewanduz which is tectonically belong to imbricated zone, and explain the most important source rock Jurassic Petroleum system of Kurdistan Jurassic Formation (Chia- Mountain Gara) FM (U.Jurassic ) Barsarin FM (U.Jurassic ) Naokelekan FM (U.Jurassic) Sargelu Fm(M.Jurassic) Sehkaniyan FM (L.Jurassic) This field trip was supervised by the head of Petroleum Geology Department (Dr. Ammar Isam), and (Mr. Abdulrahman Bamarni).

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