The KRG Polytechnic Universities Representatives in Britain

2019-11-28 03:10:04


Following the UNESCO Program (ReformingTechnical and Vocational Education and Training in Iraq), the KRG delegation of Polytechnic universities arrived in Britain. Moreover, this visit is about experience exchanging and getting benefits from other developed centers to serve the students more in work field advice. On the other hand, this will engage the students more so as to know how to work at universities, colleges, and institutes. Or, how to work with Advice Centers of private sectors and work owners. Furthermore, (Mr. Bewar Sulaiman) - Career Development Center Director from Duhok Polytechnic University has hinted in a claim that 24-30 Nov, 2019, there

would discussions about a variety of topics. The first day of a meeting was at Bedfordshire University where many important topics have discussed. 

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