The Career Development Center (CDC) participated in Three-day training workshop

2019-11-14 01:44:42

IREX organization conducted specialized training workshop for Technical Universities’ Career Development Centers and their staff from November 10-12, 2019 in Erbil city under the U.S. Iraq Higher Education Partnership Program supported by U.S. Embassy/ Baghdad.

The training brought together 44 representatives from seven Technical Universities across Iraq, to train them on how to better enhance their internship programs, design day and industry-education partnership. Besides, to equipping CDC staff with the skills and know-how to provide effective career services to support students and alumni.

It’s worth mentioning that the Director of the Career Development Center Mr. Bewar Sulaiman Haji and five of the staff participated in the training as Duhok Polytechnic University representatives namely, Mr. Azad Piro Shakir Administrator of Internship program Unit, Mr. Qais Mustafa Abdulqadeir CDC program coordinator at College of Petroleum and Menial Science/ Zakho, Miss. Arazoo Issa Tahir Administrator of the Scientific Affairs Unit at Bardarash Technical Institute, Miss. Iman Jamil Mohammed Administrator of Academic Staff Unit at Quality Assurance Directorate and Mr. Sheyan Omed Khaled CDC program coordinator at Technical College of Engineering.  

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