DPU Seventh Graduation Ceremony



Under the slogan (Knowledge is the future of nation and country) the graduation ceremony of (2018-2019) held in Duhok Football Stadium and supervised by the DPU President (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez).  On Wednesday, 13 November, 2019, DUP students of two colleges and institutes have graduated the no: (1048) graduation ceremony. Moreover, there were many representatives of political parties, and family members attending the ceremony. In the past days, there was the seventh ceremony no: (1786) of (Zakho, Akre, Bardarash, and Amedi) students of the year 2018-2019, a total of six colleges and eight institutes of 48 departments.

In the beginning, some verses of the Holy Quran were recited by the Technical College of Engineering students (Yusuf Abdullah).  On the other hand, the university President welcomed the guests and thanked the government and revered President (Masoud Barzani) as the Kurds Marja’ (a source to follow). Finally, he congratulated the students and said ‘I congratulate you all on the seventh ceremony and I hope that you become an important part of the society to build Kurdistan’. Furthermore, he hinted about the study system and said ‘ the DPU is in its constant development and has noticed many changes in the study programs to be more adaptable in all scientific departments as cooperated by the observation committees. Also, there are publications for this purpose such as booklets and books in many colleges and institutes to prepare a student theoretically and practically for the governmental and ETCS sectors’. The President said the following about the relations ‘our university has taken steps forward in the area and has connected with (European, Turkish, Cyprus, and Arabic)   universities. He also said about the bravery of Peshmarga ‘we are proud of them, as they are the creator of this environment we live in today. The multi-cultural life we enjoy today is the sign of understanding in the Middle-East which is envied by all surrounding neighborhood countries’. In addition, (Dr. Zirak Azizkhan) - Deputy for Scientific Affairs read the medical oath as well as (Dr. Rajab Ibrahim) - Deputy for Students’ Affairs read the general oath.  Finally, the deans and head of the colleges and institutes asked the DPU president to provide Bachelor and Diploma certificates to the graduates.

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