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Duhok Technical Institute is the oldest higher educational center in Duhok city. It was established on 1988. This institute played an important role to development the city and helped to enhance the quality of life in the city. The institute is slow branch of the Duhok Poly-Technic University which is connected to the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research in the Kurdistan Region.

After the upraising of 1991, Iraqi government withdraw their governmental offices from the Kurdistan, however, the institute was still able to withstand to provide its students with the quality of education in the city. The institute sought to gave confidence and greater role to the Kurdish teacher as they saw themselves as the main instructors within the institute. Also, the role of Ba’arey Kurdistan and specially the visit of the PDK leader, President Masquod Barzani, gave strong support to the institute for continuing the educational system.

After the establishment of Kurdistan Regional government, the institute continued its work and especially regarding the third, fourth, and fifth cabinet. These cabinet encouraged and supported the instituted by establishing new building, opening new departments, buying new equipments, and even financial support.

The institute graduated more than (3264) students since its inception by honoring them with diploma degree within different fields, including mechanic, building and construction, surveying, IT, health related departments, social-health, teeth hygiene, pharmacy and midwifery. These degrees were gained by two year of theoretical and practical teaching system. The institute also provides internship during the summary session.

Duhok institute always focus on quality in education and develop the teaching staff. Therefore, many teachers get the opportunity to complete the Master and PH.D degrees inside and outside the region.

According to the requirements of the city of Dohuk and availability of competent staff, the Institute open IT department and will present the first batch of graduates of this section in summer of 2014.j. Moreover, two departments have been closed; Preventive Dental and Survey which have been replaced by the construction of roads and the dental industry departments in 2012-2013.

With the increasing number of students coming to the comps, the Institute management initiate expand the number of buildings to fit the capacity of student. The institute construct a building of three floors which include a modern library and a club for student and staff. Moreover, many buildings and workshops have been renovating.

In terms of purchasing Laboratories requirements, many computers have been buying for computer labs, as well as the purchase of a variety of devices for labs section of road construction and the Department of Building and construction.

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