Web Technology


Nowadays, internet users and its speed are growing fast in our country, and their applications. Therefore, web technologies are government demand, business demand, and company demand. As a result, the creation of a "Web Technology" department is proposed. As it is known, information is exchanged through the internet between two end-users. This information needs to be managed. variety of technologies are applied. These technologies are classified into two categories: client-side technologies, which are used on the client-side, and server-side technologies, which are used to manage data on the server. In both sides, many technologies are involved. In this department, students will be able to figure out technologies on both sides


In proposed department, students will be able to know today’s technologies related to the web: (designing and developing websites), analyzing data, secure information, and networking. Student learning concentrates in these following technologies:

  • Client-side technologies (core web technology : such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript)  and design frameworks.
  • Server-side such Content Management System (CMS), server-side programing languages (PHP, python and other frameworks like Django, ASPX , Laravel…etc.).
  • Database design and analyze.
  • Content Management (CM) and data follow control.
  • Information Security (IS).
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) concepts.


After the successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  •   Figure out concepts Human–Computer Interaction (HCI), usability, ease of use and more.
  •  Write, read, and orally present technical reports, letters, and projects that meet the standards of the      profession (Web technologies).
  •   Collect and analyze data. 
  •   Design interactive web application interface for browser, mobile and desktop application.
  •   Data visualization.
  •   Handle back-end data using common technologies to (process, store, retrieve, filter…etc.).


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