Media Technology


Providing an educated and training environment that is able to refine talents and qualify them for the market requirements.


The department attempt to be an entrepreneurial specialty and to be main source that provide other organizations with graduates of scientific and vocational efficiency that enables them to socialize speeding propaganda.



  • Providing training and educational environment that helps to encourage students and prepare them for any market requirements.
  • Preparing staff with advanced writing skills and using modern technology in their field of specialization to develop journalism in the region of Kurdistan.
  • Connecting the theoretical learning with practical learning.
  • Strengthening the relationships with other media in the region to achieve the goals of the society.
  • The cooperation with local community to find solutions to the problems that face journalism and publishing new information, holding sessions , conferences and specialized educational lecture.
  • Training students how to use IT to develop their journalistic skills.
  • Helping students to obtain proper training in the different journalistic organization in the region.

Head of Dept.:

  • Full Name : Dr. Fairooz Mustafa Hamdi                          
  • PhD in Manegement/ ICN Business School, Nancy_France. 
  • mobile07504503567
  • E-Mail : [email protected]


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