The Polytechnic Universities Presidents' Debate

2019-08-29 01:14:58


The first day activities of the Partnership Conference of three universities Duhok, Sulaimani and Hawler entitled (The reform of technical studying in Kurdistan by ECTS process). At evening time, there was a debate for three presidents(Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez) the President of Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU). (Dr. Kawa Sherwani) the President of Hawler Polytechnic University (HPU). (Prof. Dr. Alan Fraidon Ali Amin) the President of Sulaimani Polytechnic University (SPU).

Each one of them expressed their different ideas and theories about P system. For using this system in the technical studying programs for the 2019-2020 year, and development and power points such as considering it important until there are changes in the technical studying system in Kurdistan Region, the main this in all of this is for making simple ways for the student to get his Scientific Certificate. Researchers and teachers also College delegation was pointing out their ideas and theories. And their questions were to improve and enrich the changes.

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