A Number of Universal Companies Have Been Impressed by Welding Center

The project of Welding Center of Oil Pipes in Duhok Polytechnic University as a year activity opening many of training courses and teaching in the field of Welding of Oil Pipes especially for the mechanical specialists and technological departments, and other related staff such as engineering and technicians. It is known that Welding Center is a professional center of Welding Oil Pipes and it consists of excellent workshops and workers.It is the first center in Kurdistan Region welding professional training that Duhok Polytechnic University opened it for university staff members and, teachers, students, and technicians to get benefits from it.

Many organizations and companies were inspired by this famous center. Until now, there were too many alumni that were graduated from this Centre, and many of them did a lot of great work because they receive an accredited Emirates certificate. Also, they get the certificate of continuing the course from Duhok Polytechnic University, Taqa Company, (A.W.S) and (Restrata). Moreover, job vacancies with big companies of oil will be better chance as the Center is supervised by the World-Wide known companies (Proclad & Restrata). Consequently, the duty of the center is an income for the university.

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