DPU’s scientific research center was established in 2017 to act as a point of contact between Duhok Polytechnic University and government and non-governmental organizations that contact DPU for collaboration, consultancy, or funding for a particular project. However, Duhok Polytechnic University does not have any research center of any kind, whether at the college level or an independent research center that belongs to a particular research group. DPU’s research center came up with proposals to start establishing research centres and research groups to motivate interdisciplinary research activities, in addition to supporting governmental and non-governmental organizations with academic, consultancy, training, and implementation of projects services.

Therefore, DPU’s future colleges’ research centers and research groups will work under the umbrella of DPU’s research center. DPU’s research center will be aware of all the research activities of the university so that it can direct a particular project fund to its suitable intended research group or college’s research center. It is essential to obtain a centralized knowledge of all the research activities of the university in one entity in order to be able to conduct the required coordination among research groups and activate interdisciplinary research activities.


Scientific Research Center Activities

1-Initiate research activities that contribute to new discoveries, scientific and technical breakthroughs, innovation, and institutional reputation.

2-Coordinate and promote the university’s research.

3-Represent Duhok Polytechnic University to external R&D funding agencies in Kurdistan as well as abroad. 

4-Responsible for initiating partnerships and collaborations with industry via research, knowledge transfer, and internships. In addition, overseeing and monitoring the implementation of international programs and agreements.

5-Promote international collaboration in research and engage in strategic alliances and networking with other world-wide universities.

6-Promote interdisciplinary research collaboration with the interaction of the university’s deans. 

7-Establish, maintain, and oversee programs and research laboratories and centers.

8-Assist colleges to deliver the Strategic Plans targets in order to obtain an improvement in the quality and quantity of the university's research, which leads to increasing the university’s research grant income.





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