Holding a Workshop Between Technical Universities

2019-07-21 12:12:37
In order to make an advancement to technical education and vocational training in Iraq as well as the application of the Polish system, a workshop was held attended by  the technical universities in the region and Iraq with the support and sponsorship of UNESCO for culture and education.
In the beginning, the word "UNESCO" was presented by (Mr. Khaled Khorshid), he expressed his thanks and appreciation to Duhok Technical University for hosting this workshop. Meanwhile, (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez), President of DPU, expressed his pleasure at holding such a scientific demonstration. He also welcomed the representatives of the participating Iraqi universities and expressed his thanks and appreciation to (Mrs. Katherine and Mr. Rouri) for their efforts in establishing such events in the DPU. He stressed that the essence of the establishment of these events is the service of scientific progress as well as a step towards bringing the work and cooperation between all the universities of the province and Iraq.

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