A scientific trip was conducted around the city of Zakho

On Tuesday 26th of October,2021. Students of the Petroleum Geology - second stage conducted a trip around the city of zakho.Generally the trip was about to see some rock types as (Clastic Sedimentary...

2021-10-26 03:25:34
Two Days Workshop(CV,Communication) For Students

With the presence of the TCPM associate dean and Head of Petroleum Geology Department Asst.Prof.Dr. Ammar Issam Edress for giving a simple definition about the Workshop that lasted for two days...

2021-10-21 10:13:48
QA weekly seminars

On Sunday 17th of October,2021.Two seminars were presented by the TCPM staff for some technical institute of zakho lecturers where the topics titled as follows : 1-(Self Motivation) explained by...

2021-10-17 08:25:59

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