Kurdish press celebrates its 121-years anniversary

2019-04-22 02:41:57


Under the auspices of Prof. Adnan Muhssin AbdulAziz the president of Duhok Polytechnic University and attendance of many, eminent personalities such as parliaments, heads of universities and directors of governmental and none-governmental institutions the joint festival of both Technical and administrative college and technical institute held On the occasion of 121 anniversary of Kurdish press and release of the first Kurdish journal under the title of (KURDISTAN). Simultaneously an ITM software Expo 2019 exhibition has been opened by the same occasion.

In the beginning Prof. Adnan Mushin Abdul-Aziz, the head of DPU delivered a speech and commended the role of the press in revealing the real face of the oppression and injustice that Kurdish people  has been experienced at the hands of Ex-regimes.  On the other side he appreciated all projects and papers has been presented by the participants, and he asked all who are responsible on the private sector to get benefit from their skills and experiences. Finally a light has been  shed on the role of who have passed away and their contributions in favor of all humanity. At the end this event concluded with books fair.


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