DPU Students Gearing Up for the T.V Program

2019-03-13 02:08:25


After the first season of the (Stars Program) finishes, Kurdistan 24 channel expects the second season to be held. In first season DPU students participated in the program and became the second top ones. Therefore, today on March 13th, 2019, another meeting with the deputy of student affairs (Dr. Raja Ibrahim) and (Mr Sarkaft) - new representatives for the participants conducted in order to be benefited from the skills of the students of colleges and institutes of Duhok Polytechnic University the deputy for student affairs appreciated the last season's students' and their representative's work and wish you all success for the coming season students. On the other hand, (Dr. Arshad Heetu) explained the experience that they had last year on  channel 24 at the (Stars Program) for the students and wished them all success.


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