DPU Welcomes Netherlands Organization (Nuffic)


For the purpose of making the relationship stronger in academy and scientific way between Netherlands universities and Duhok Polytechnic University on 28th of February, 2019, DPU welcomes (Mr. David Van Kampbin) the Manager and Chancellor of (Nuffic) organization. Netherlands delegation, (Mr. David Van Kampbin)- Representative of General Consulate in Erbil and the Counselor (Miss Sylva Van Rosie) were welcomed by the President of the DPU ( Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez) and the majority of the members of the University Council. In a session, they discussed on different topics following; Kurdistan cultivation sector, special training in education and teaching fields, scholarship, scientific and academy researches, and graduates activities all were the topics that really matter in Nuffic Organization.

The organization support for the cultivation sector in KRG is to gain benefits from cultivated lands and provide more opportunities for the youths and inhabitants of these areas. therefore, they also discussed the tools that are needed for cultivation using the sources of water in order to put the sector on the market . The in question sector was only a proposal submitted by the DPU to be applicable in the future.

It is also known that (Timmy Davis)- Ambassador of the US in Basra visited DPU and in his seminar for a number of teachers and employees of DPU spoke about the (Black May) in the US.

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