Graduates of DPU Return to University

2019-02-21 12:02:18


In order to strengthen the relationship between the University of Duhok technical and university graduates, held today Feb, 21st, 2019- Meeting Center for the development of work with the organizers of the preparation of the team and Alumni Association Center in all colleges and institutes in the presence of (Dr. Siddiq Amin) Quality in the Presidency of the University. In this meeting, two points were confirmed: the first point, a discussion about the work and the center's activities, the development of the work and the importance of advancing the interpersonal skills of the students in the manner of presenting and organizing the seminars and workshops. In addition to the readiness to overcome the problems, these problems will be overcome during the time of the performance of these events by the program coordinators (program coordinator) and ways to overcome them.

The second point was the discussion on the topics of (alumni graduates) and their importance, stressing the strengthening and preparation of relations between the university and alumni, activating Alumni on the university website, gathering graduates information, follow-up of graduates and their requirements, preparing life-long learning for graduates, Preparing the club and Alumni Association for each college and institute. According to these points, the DPU will be waiting to re-establish its graduates to strengthen the university relationship with them in order to upgrade the university's order and connect it to international universities in addition to encouraging graduates for continuous progress and building an effective personality in the community.

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