DPU Staff Participates in Gottingen University Workshop

2019-02-20 12:55:46


In order to internationalize universities in Kurdistan Region, a three-day workshop was held on 19-20-21 / 2/2019 of the (TIGIRS) project at the University of Gottingen, Germany. The delegation of the DPU participated in the workshop leads by the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez), (Dr. Masoud Abdulkarim Abdulrahman) - Dean of the College of Technical Health/Sheikhan, (Dr. Sameer Miho Jameel) - Dean of the Technical Institute, (Dr. Nawzad Saddiq Ahmed) - Director of General Registration Directorate, and (M. Swar Abdel Salam) - as a project member. The topics of the workshop are the application of the ECTS system, marketing and the development of international strategic plans for the future linked to study programs with mutual researches between the universities of the Kurdistan Region and European universities.

For more information: This project will last for three years (2017-2020) - funded by the European Union. The project involved nine universities and higher education centers from the Kurdistan Region; DPU, Sulaymaniyah University, Salahuddin University, Erbil Technical University, University of Raparin and the University of Charmo for Strategic Studies with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region and five European Universities. The University of Gottingen, Georgetown University, Masaryk University of the Czech Republic and the University of Groningen of the Netherlands. The main purpose of this project is the international sector of higher education in the Kurdistan Region through benefiting from the experiences of developed European countries and the universities participating in this project. Currently the (EUROPEAN CREIDIT TRANSFER ACCUMULATION SYSTEM) or the (ECTS) is the first step to be applied to first-stage students of Duhok Technical Engineering College, Sheikhan Technical College and the DPU Technical Institute of Bardarash. 

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