DPU Staff Takes Part in the Youths' and Student Union Festival

2019-02-18 01:50:20


February 18, 2019

With an eye to reviving the 66th anniversary of the establishment of both organizations of the Student Uion and PDK youths, (Mr. Serbast Tirwanishi)- PDK's first branch Representative, Governor of Duhok (Mr. Farhad Amin Atroshi) and other political delegations took part in this event celebrated in the Conference Hall. However, the DPU's staff of deputies, deans, teachers, employees, and students were attended this event to participate the Student Union festival. The staff offered congratulations to the students and wished them all the best! (Mr. Redir Haji)-Representative of the PDK Premier Youth Union/Duhok started with the youth and the students' word. He hinted at the service being offered by these two organizations and the sacrifice the they have been making in order to awaken the youth in an awaken world. He also spoke about the freedom and mankind values in all realms. Finally, he mentioned the popular speech of the late Kurdish immortal Leader President Mustafa Barzani " students are the spearpoint " and they promised to continue this holistic approach. 

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