Journalism Department of Duhok Technical Institute Participated in Tourism Development Sector Session

2019-02-17 08:34:09


(Journalism Department of Duhok Technical Institute) participated in the session of (Tourism & Media) in Rixos Hotel in Duhok. It was organized by the General Directorate of Tourism, and Correspondents Syndicate Duhok-Nainawa Branch. The session was conducted by Mr. (Bahzad Ali Adam) - Duhok Governor Deputy, Mr. (Abidullah Dawood Ali) - General Directorate of Duhok Tourism, some of the Iraqi and Kurdish MPs, members of Duhok Governorate Council, religious men, political parties’ representatives, teachers, and th local Media.

Student of Journal Department (Miss Midia Jamal Abdulazeez) presented a seminar on (The Role of Media in Developing the Sector of Tourism). She insisted on the work of Media to be closer to the in question Sector. This is by showing attractive landscapes, so it doesn’t need any language if the view is shown. On the other hand, she suggested having more workshops, seminars, and leaflets to be conducted and provided in the touristic locations so as to make the travellers more familiar about such touristic places. In this very session, a university teacher (Faris Muhammed Naqshabanid) spoke about (Duhok Developing Tourism Sector). At last, they made discussion and the attendees were provided with Tourism Guides.

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