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TOEFL-IBT and IELTS Preparation Courses

These type of courses are among the highly demanded courses in which people from inside and outside university usually attend, since, the test is one the master degree requirements in the region and internationally.

Programs for Qcquiring Scientific Titles

This includes Teaching methods and research methodology courses.DSDI aims to arrange with the Ministry of the Higher Education and Scientific Research to provide them since they have specific regulations and requirements for the Diploma certification of the graduated participants.  

Academic Writing Course

Courses and workshops related to academic writing in terms of paraphrasing, referencing, plagiarism, etc. are opened for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Short Courses for Postgraduate Research

This might be either short courses or workshops to help postgraduate students with their master or PhD thesis. Ideas of critical thinking, formulating questioners, data analysis …etc.

Workshops for University Employees

These type of courses are important to support the university employees with the new toolkits and software or even management courses for the directors and deans of the university. These workshops will enable the staff to be aware of new managerial regulations and strategies.

Researchers Development Courses


GRE Exam Preparation


Computer Programs courses

This includes different types of software packages that are helpful for the research base or carrier development.


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