PDK 1st Branch Representative Visited DPU

2019-02-10 02:08:48

February 9, 2019

 Mr. (Sarbast Tirwanishi)-PDK 1st Branch Representative visited DPU and warmly welcomed by the DPU President (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez) - Head of the University Council and other members of the Council.  Mr. Sarbast has praised the DPU for how academically they advanced in technology, especially in the last two years. The teacher, employees, and the students were also mentioned for the patriotic role in convey the message.

He also talked about the last events that recently have happen in Duhok and ensured not to be repeated again. He believes that the DPU teachers will provide a shiny future because of their parental behaviors. Meanwhile, he hinted at the role of the Duhok Governorate for its safety and security and assured of unifying all four parts of Kurdistan Region. After that, he clearly said that ‘Duhok Governorate is like a cradle for creating a Kurdish Country and for gaining the rights of all four parts of Kurdistan’.  Finally, there were many questions asked by the DPU staff which were answered genuinely by Mr. Sarbast Tirwanishi.   

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