The R-SOS Support Unit was Established

2019-01-30 10:02:05

R-SOS has opened the ERASMUS Plus program at the Duhok Technical College of Engineering at the DPU. The RESCUE project is one of the UNIMED's projects. The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Zirk Azizkhan)-Vice President for Student Affairs (Dr. Rajab Ibrahim Humaid) and Director of the International Relations Directorate (M. Mohammed Abdul Qader Ahmad) with members of the RESCUE Project at DPU. At this meeting, a decision was made to start the work of support unit for displaced students and refugees at the university level and to receive and assist students.  
(Dr. Rajab Ibrahim Hameed)-Chairman of the Higher Examination Committee and (Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qader Ahmad) also visited the students of the Faculty of Administrative Technology to learn how to conduct the examinations as soon as the R-SOS unit receives displaced students and refugees through trained staff in the Kurdistan Region and outside the province.

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