Administrative Departments Heads Meeting Held at DPU

2019-01-20 07:52:11

With the aim of arranging the Study Program a meeting took place at the DPU presidency on December 20, 2019. At the meeting, president of the Study Program Arrangement Committee (Dr. Hadi Khalil) - Dean of Duhok Technical Institute cooperated with the Study Program Unit met with the department heads of the Administrative colleges and institutes.

There were some important points that they insisted on:organizing the study program of the second course for the first year in accordance with the Unity Form, working on their study courses for both seasons of the study subjects, arranging the data of each of departments for the program subjects, and unity with the study program of all study sections, applying them, and the harmony of the subjects with lectures of (Administrative, Economy, Accounting, and Statistics), organizing each sections of ( Business Management, and Hospital Management Institutes of Bardarash) in accordance with ECTS, and also the same study program for those departments which haven’t applied the ECTS system yet.

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