Due to the need of Duhok Governorate and the presence of a large number of media agencies, the Department of Journalism was founded in the academic year 2009-2010. Both male and female students were admitted to this department, where 40 students graduated in the first graduation attempt. It seeks to give the graduate students the diploma certificate in journalism.



The significance of this department comes from existing a large number of mass media and advertising agencies in DuhokGovernorate and having no academic institutions for technical education except for the Department of Journalism. That is why; this department will motivate the graduates to learn the art and science of journalism. Thus, they will serve in the media as specialists according to their field of specialization.



The main objective of opening this department is to develop the abilities of the students so that they can work in local and international media organizations, especially in our region, where there are lots of problems, crises and hot events. Also, the department prepares the students and develop their skills in drafting and directing media campaigns and elections. The department aims at making the students be aware of the duties and responsibilities within the community, as well as familiarity with how the modern techniques in the media convey the message to the public. Furthermore, the graduates will be well prepared from the national, legal and moral aspects, making them professional in serving the society and the Kurdish case. 


Job Opportunities

Graduates from the Department of Journalism can have opportunities to work in these places:


1. Media sections in governmental institutions and organizations.
2. Marketing and media sections in malls and commercial projects.
3. Working as reporters in newspapers, magazines, television channels and websites.
4. Working as broadcasters in radio and television channels.
5. Working as providers of political, social and economic programs, etc.

 Had of department:

Name: Rawan subhi 

Degree: jousnalism


Tel.: 07504569151


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