The 3rd Master Degree Completion with an Outstanding Mark

Miss. Fatima Mohammad Ahmed a student at Shekhan Technical College of Health received a Master Degree on (Clinical Biochemistry) after a-three-hour of presentation and defending in the DPU Seminar Hall. The title was (Oxidant_ Antioxidant status among post-menopausal osteoporosis woman in Duhok city) (and the following were the president and the members of the committee:

Asst Prof. Dr. Kamaran Kayani Abdulrahman/ President

Asst.Prof. Dr. Sherwan Farman/ Member

Dr. Dhia Mustafa Sulaiman/ Member

Asst Prof. Dr. Najla Kadhim Isa/ Member & Supervisor.

Finally, the committee determined an Outstanding Mark for the in question student. 

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