The Student of Duhok Polytechnic University Received an Award in Baghdad

2018-12-23 01:31:47

The student of Electronic Journalism (Binar Hushiar) was able to receive the award in the Iraqi capital Baghdad after participating in the workshop of the project of (Freedom Co-existence and the Community Union) of 40 journalists from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region as organized by the German MICT (Organization), French (CFI), and under the auspices of the French Foreign Ministry.

 Each participant in this workshop was supposed to prepare a project, Binar Hushiar's project for was short film about the pygmies family. The idea was established on the first day in Sulaimaniya and its team was prepared on the second day in Erbil and on the third day it attended its short film in Duhok with the Wahid family. This film was prepared for three days with the director (Halmat Omar) and photographer (Falah Hassan), and published in (Al-Jazeera - Cord). Binar and her team participated in the First Professional Journalism Conference sponsored by IMS and the NIRIJ Network for Basic Scans in Iraq / Baghdad. He was able to receive the certificate of appreciation received by Mr. (Yaseen Taha) instead.

Binar Hushiar is a 30-year-old girl and a fourth stage student at the Department of Electronic Journalism / Faculty of Administrative Technology / Duhok polytechnic University who at the same time is the presenter of the program (Siranah) in the satellite channel of Zagros T.V.


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