The Representatives of DPU were Received by the Director of Municipalities in Istanbul

2018-12-20 03:05:03

The EU's continued interest in its program on admission of displaced students and refugees. For this purpose, a three-day training course called (RESCUE) of the ERASMUS + program was organized in Istanbul for a number of universities with a problem of IDPs and refugees. The workshop was held in Istanbul by the Vice President of Duhok Polytechnic University for Students Affairs (Dr. Rajab Ibrahim Hameed), Eng. (Haza Ghazi), IT Director (Omar Muhammad Saleh Hassan) and Shehab Ahmad Khader. They were received by the Director of Municipalities in Istanbul. The purpose of this workshop is to accept a larger number of displaced students and refugees in colleges and institutes of Duhok Polytechnic University and work in the Office of Refugee and Displaced Student Relations at DPU as soon as possible.

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