Career Development Center Participated in the First International Workforce Development Conference

The Duhok Polytechnic University/ Directorate of Career Development Center participated in the first International Workforce Development conference (Multisectoral Approach to Workforce Development), which took place on 12-13 December 2018 in Baghdad. The conference was held by the Directorate of Studies, Planning and Follow-up in cooperation with the American Organisation IREX and the US embassy in Baghdad.

The Conference's goals were to:

1- Promote government, industry and university collaboration to strengthen workforce development in Iraq.

2- Discuss skills needed for recent graduates' private sector employability and career development, and how universities can incorporate these into the curriculum using real-world industry examples.

3- Identify best practice and successful initiatives in Iraq that inform changes needed to improve the relevance of higher education with broad stakeholder input (Industry, the Iraqi government, University faculties and Career development centers).


It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Bewar Sulaiman Haji/ Career Specialist from the Directorate of Career Development Center participated in the conference as the Duhok Polytechnic University representative.

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