Two DPU College Deans Participated in ( TIGRIS) Workshop

2018-12-14 12:05:09

In order to internationalize the KRG universities a three-day workshop (ECTS) took place in the University of Raparin in Raniya. The program will continue for three years (2017-2020). All the expenses will be paid by the European Union Commission. The point in here is to open ten centers for Higher Education in Kurdistan Region which includes five European Universities. For the purpose of internationalizing the KRG Higher Education Sector our DPU representatives (Dr. Jamal Ali Hassan) Technical  College of Engineering Dean and (Dr. Masud Abdulkarim Abdulrahim) Dean of the Technical College of Health- SheKhan attended in the (11-12-13/12/2018) workshop. Aside of the participation, our Deans have clearly known (ECTS) as an important and advanced step in today’s life.

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