The Third Germany-Iraqi Conference Takes Place

In order to make the firm and rigid Technical connection between the university, company, and governmental organizations the third Germany-Iraqi partnership conference took place in the Salahadin University Cultural Center Hall.  At a conference, the topics were related with cooperation between the universities, companies, and governmental organizations in technical way.

Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez President of DPU accentuated the importance of the conference. On the one hand, some topics discussed by the attendants. On the other hand, Mr. Mohammad Abdulqadir Directorate for International Relations gave a brief speech about the DPU. Afterwards, Mr. Azad Sulaiman Hassan highlighted the tasks and activities of the Welding Center of the Technical Institute for the attendants. Finally, the representative of the Friberg Technical University spoke about the tasks and the activities which have been done and insisted to prepare for the coming activities with DPU.

In conference, all participants were awarded with the certificate of participation by the President of Salahadin University Dr. Ahmad Dizayi.

Its known that DPU was one of the sponsors of the conference.  

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