DPU General Registration Directorate Holds Meeting

2018-11-28 10:14:25

DPU General Registration Directorate held a usual meeting (organized by Dr. Rajab Ibrahim Hameed Deputy for Student Affairs and Dr. Nawzad Sadiq Ahmed Directorate for General Registration) with the heads of the registration units of all Colleges and Institutes of DPU to discuss the issues facing the students of evening class and parallel students of 2018-19. Further, Dr. Nawzad the Directorate wished them all the best and praised them for being patient above all the obstacles facing them. He insisted that they shall overcome all the issues in the near future so as to pave the way for the students of evening class and parallel students to smoothly begin their study in DPU colleges and institutes.

It is known that the ..: 

According to the students admission annual program of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches that this year a great number of students has been admitted by the DPU colleges and institutes for evening classes and parallel studies. 

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