Master Plan Designing Committee of DPU Seminar Took place

2018-10-23 12:43:23

A seminar was held about (Master Plan Designing Committee) of DPU campus –attended by Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez President of DPU and his three deputies. The plan is to tear down the old campus and rebuild a new one which will consist of Student Center and some other new buildings. The new buildings consist of (Lecture & Theater Halls, Computer Labs & Electrical Labs and other Labs.., Seminar Hall, Workshop Hall, Conference Hall, Library, Cafeteria, Market, Photography, Bookstore, Skills Development Center, Show, and Sports Center).

Worthy to be mentioned, the Designing Committee is composed of six engineers- established in 18/5/2018.

Kawar Tahseen an architectural Engineer and Head of the Committee

Wan Ibrahim an architectural Engineer/ Member

Lawand Kamal Civil Engineer/Member

Khalil Idris Structural Engineer/Member

Havgir Ahmed Surveying Engineer/ Member

Abdulljalil Jameel Electrical Engineer/Member

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