DPU Students 6th Graduation Ceremony

2018-09-26 08:31:53
Under the token (Science and our Abilities will Empower Kurdistan) and supervised by President of DPU Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdullazeez the sixth Graduation Ceremony was held for the DPU students of (Technical Engineering College, Technical of Administration, Duhok Technical Institute, Technical Administrative Institute, Technical College of Health/ Shekhan, Shekhan Technical Institute and Shingal Technical Institute) in the Stadium of Sports Activities in Duhok.
The President has clearly explained the day as a historical one for all Kurds; he also reminded us that Kurdistan Referendum was the same date last year which uplifted us. Then he thanked President Barzani for keeping our future rights. Nowadays situation has obliged us to be more aware of the inner, regional, and country events. Consequently, it’s important that on 30/8/2018, we all go for voting to build a powerful Kurdistan and elect those who are the representatives of the martyrs and brave Peshmargas who had recorded legendaries of Pirde and Sihila. Therefore, the freedom we have now is undeniably because of the blood of thousands of Martyrs. He also said ‘we thank Kurdistan Gov., and all other Political Party offices, and Security Forces for their continuous support, as well as we thank our teachers and students of DPU’.
Sarbast Tirwanishi, responsible for the first branch of PDK Political Party and member of the PDK supreme council said that the future of the Nation will be on their shoulders. He clearly explained that the efforts have been made by the students will cause a new Kurdistan to be built for today and for the generation comes after them, because we all need a powerful Kurdistan. Finally, your supporting for the PDK list No 183 and its Candidates is going to bring a brighter future for Kurdistan.


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