Agenda Concluding Workshop WP 1 Regarding the TIGRIS Project

On behalf of the Duhok Polytechnic University, Dr. Nawzat Sadiq Ahmed (focal point of TIGRIS project) and Mr. Swar Abdulsalam Zubeer (member of TIGRIS project) have participated, in the agenda concluding workshop WP1 regarding the TIGRIS project in the University of Sulaimaniyah. This workshop is running for 4 days, Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th September 2018.  In addition, this workshop was organized by our European partners in the aforementioned project.

The preliminary programme of the workshop aims to devise definitive action to finally produce the outputs envisaged for Work Package 1 in the project proposal and also to set a time for the second project year and plane the implementation of Work Package 2. Further, Dr. Nawzat has presented (5-minute-presentations) in WP1 detailing the results and the process of production for the DPU regarding the TIGRIS project.    

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