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Deputy President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, supervises the work of administrative and financial affairs and preparing the budget and operational and development plans for his departments, and also supervises a group of departments and offices that provide services and operations support for learning and education at the (DPU) to achieve its vision, mission and projects And development plans. It supervises the effectiveness and efficiency of services and support operations and prepares annual and monthly reports.

The directorates of the Deputy Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs are:

Administrative departments:

Department Legal Affairs Department:


 • General Services Department Financial departments:


Financial Affairs and Budget Department Roles and responsibilities


• Strategic planning for the university’s administrative aspects, setting mechanisms and procedures related to business and job tasks, reviewing job structures, and developing a job description for a group of approved jobs at the university.


• Leading the committees formed by the president of the university and making sure to achieve the best achievement according to the plans and goals set

• Conducting Meetings with consulting firms in the field of restructuring, planning, administrative organization and various administrative, financial and consulting fields.

• Part Taking in external meetings as a representative of the university.

• Consider the employment status of employees in the various colleges and departments of the university.

• Establishing various committees, such as tenders, procurement and auctions committees, in accordance with established regulations.

• Interviewing academic and administrative staff to consider their demands and try to find appropriate solutions in accordance with established regulations.


• Direct supervision of tenders and bids offered by the university to provide various requirements and requirements and provide the necessary financial budget.

• Coordination with government and private agencies regarding the financial aspect.

• Direct supervision of the preparation of financial and organizational reports of the state's regulatory bodies.

• Overseeing the preparation and drafting of contracts and mutual agreements between the university and other parties.



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