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Mohammed Haydar Mosa

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  • MSC in Pediatric health nursing, Mosul University.

  • BSc in Nursing Science, Mosul University.

  • Diploma in Anesthesia, Mosul Technical Institute\Iraq.

1- Job stress sources among nurses working in Duhok governmental hospitals.

2- Contraceptive prevalence used among Duhok women who visit Bahdenan health center.

3- Cigarettes smoking habits and attitudes among medical students in Duhok Technical Institute.

4- Quality Of Life Assessment In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis In Duhok City.

5- Evaluation of socio-economic factors related to helicobacter pylori infection in Duhok city.

6- Assessment The Quality of Life of  Thalassemic Major Children in Duhok City.

7- The effects of night shift work on the psychosocial status of nurses in Akre city hospitals.

  • Member of the Scientific Committee.

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