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Waleed Sulaiman Mustafa

Civil Engineering

Rapporteur of department

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  • MSc- Thesis Title: 'A study of some impacts of different graded sand on the mechanical behaviour of a clay ' Hasan Kalyoncu University , Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering Science,University of Duhok , Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



▪  'Stabilising a clay using tyre buffings and lime,  Ali Firat Cabalar, Zuheir Karabash and Waleed Sulaiman Mustafa, published at  Taylor & Francis , Road Materials and Pavement Design,  July 2014'

▪  'Behaviour of sand–clay mixtures for road pavement subgrade,  Ali Firat Cabalar and Waleed Sulaiman Mustafa,  International Journal of Pavement Engineering/ Vol. 18 (2015), Issue (8), 714-796/ Taylor & Francis'

▪  ' Fall cone tests on clay–sand mixtures,  Ali Firat Cabalar and Waleed Sulaiman Mustafa,  published at ELSIER, Engineering Geology, April 2015'

▪  ' Effect of Various Aluminum Grains on Liquid Limit and Undrained Shear Strength Behaviour of Clay Soil ,  Waleed Sulaiman Mustafa,  Journal of Engineering Sciences/Assiut University/Faculty of Engineering/ Vol. 45, No. 6. Nov. 2017'.

  •         Soil Improvements Using Different technics and various materials
  •         Foundation Problems over problematic soils.
  •         Problems that come from executing earth work projects like earth dams.
  •         Boring and sampling process.

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