Quality Assurance

Directorate of Quality Assurance and Study Programs

Director's Message

The term Quality Assurance has become a common feature in higher education institutions of Kurdistan Region nowadays. It is world widely adopted to develop and improve the required standards in the HEIs. It serves the available resources and its educational responsibility, transparency, and outcomes assets for the society and its stakeholders.

Quality Assurance Directorate has been established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region in 2010 to review the entire system of HE, in a way that no legal or administrative barrier would be considered too sacred change. Based on this, the priorities were set to decentralize the system of HE, to develop, implement and ensure quality across the local and private universities. As well to motivate the ongoing activities of planning, supervision, follow-up, evaluation, reporting and implementation, which aim to link the educational process with the desired strategies of the MHESR.

The Duhok Polytechnic University as a member in the high committee at the Ministry of HE is following the set standards of QA and monitoring the levels and programs of study accordingly. It encourages the academic staff for their best practice and involvement in academic and scientific performance in teaching, research and QA activities. The functions of the directorate are stated, as development and implementation of Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures for monitoring the programs of study that matters the higher education. The implementation of this process shows interest in this level and reassures citizens and society at the level of education and training and the value of the certificate granted by universities and institutes.

The main processes of Quality Assurance for the academic staff include the following programs as embedded by the MHESR:

  • Teaching Quality Assurance- TQA
  • Continuous Academic Development- CAD
  • Teachers` Portfolio
  • Study Programs
  • Licensing and Accreditation

These programs are planned and designed according to specific instructions in a manner that is appropriate with the higher education system in the Kurdistan Region, and also to be in line with the standards of the world advanced universities. The process of quality assurance will be under the supervision and follow-up of experts and there will be annual review of the programs for modification and further development as required.