Democracy Fellowship Program has Initiated

The US Embassy in Baghdad has announced the opening of the Fellowship for Democracy Fellowship, supported by the US-funded Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) through the World Learning Society. The program provides an opportunity for civil society activists and supporters of democracy to spend more than three months in Lebanon to gain academic skills and practical experience in addition to networking with other activists and academics.


The Arabic language program in Lebanon will run from July 14 to October 6, 2018.

In order to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of the program, participants will implement practical projects in their home country. Work plans for these projects will be developed and finalized during the implementation phases of the program. Sleeping in rooms are included in local hotels, university campuses or in furnished apartments shared with other participants. A token amount will be given throughout the program to cover food expenses and emergency expenses. All international and local travel expenses will be covered, in addition to transportation for the program and all other logistical arrangements.

The program is open to all persons between the ages of 25 and 35 who have a bachelor's degree and speak Arabic, to ensure their successful participation in the practical and academic environment of Arab universities. They must have at least five years of experience and have the desire and commitment to apply the expertise they have learned in their home country by developing and implementing a project that can help local institutions, civil society or even the sector in which they work in their home country. We seek participants with outstanding communication and personal skills and have proven leadership skills and are able to work in diverse work environments and have a commitment to the programand its subsequent activities.   

Delegates selected from the Middle East will be of different nationalities, diverse origins and diverse political orientations. We also strive to maintain a balance in the selection of participants' races. Therefore, we will review each affiliation application carefully in order to select the best associates according to clearly defined criteria including: People have shown a strong commitment to being leaders to establish positive change in their communities People who are open to all cultures and willing to work with a wide range of associates regardless of gender, race, religion, political orientation or socio-economic status. The desire to join the program and share experiences with others Commitment to implement the project planned after the end of the program.

 Program Topics Leadership which may include individual and group leadership, professional collaboration, strategic planning and management of change process. Exchange of views and communication that may include advocacy, rhetoric, networking, effective public discourse, media, social media, campaigns and research. Democracy and governance that may include comparative democracy and governance, ideology, pluralism, tolerance and citizenship, transformations and transparency. Civil participation, which may include political and social parties, civil society rights and responsibilities, community organization, community interaction and participation. Conflict resolution, which may include the resolution of individual and collective conflict, human rights, the rights of marginalized groups, social justice, peace-building, negotiation and reconciliation.


How to applyThe registration website is The deadline for submission is February 16, 2018.  

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