University Campuses

In Duhok and as we needed an academic staff with technical and scientific skills from all the Universities Governmental and Local ones. Among all of them the DPU is the solely one has been paying a great attention to the technical fields. It consists of eight Institutes and six Colleges with overall of seven Campuses. Almost all people who are in the districts where our colleges are there are in need for studying and the areas are ( Akre, Amedi, Zakho, Shekhan, Bardarash, and Shingal, plus the main building which is in the center of the Duhok Governorate). Our campuses are in the centers of the above areas which naturally, the environment is different from one campus to another. Each of which has its special service to offer to the areas. This has a huge impact on the people of those areas and has developed them. The graduates of (Medical, Technical Engineering, Technical Management, Financial, and Computer) have developed their cities in various aspects.

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