May 9, 2017

The first debate about tourism entitled as (Development of Tourism Sector) in Duhok Governorate held in Amedi city. Many skilled personalities, teachers, and politicians were attended. At the beginning, Dr. Hakar Zaki dean of the Amedi Technical Institution, welcomed all the guests passionately. Then, appointed the objective of the debate.

The debate was of two parts, the first part was presented by the Minister of Tourism, Duhok Governor, Shaikh Sirwan Barzani, and Dr. Aras Khushnaw.They chiefly discussed about overcoming the obstacles facing the Tourism and how to develop it more so as to be among the main investment projects and empower the economy of Kurdistan Region.

The second part was presented by Dr. Anwar Abdullah, Mohammed Mohsin, Ayad Hassan and Dr. Shireen Younis. They too, spoke about the collaboration for the sake of this Sector. At last, and both parts, the attendants were allocated some time to comment on the subject, to ask any question, or to criticize.

They (the speakers) appreciated the organizers of the meeting.